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Apicoectomy, retrograde root filling

Infected teeth can cause severe pain. In the case of previously treated infected teeth, we advise a new root canal treatment or apicoectomy.

This way we can save the tooth and do not need to extract it. At our clinic, we usually apply laser for apicoectomy treatments. We are aware of the pain and discomfort that an infected, inflamed tooth can cause and aim to help you treat this problem. We know how laser works and we can recommend this gentle technique to anyone.


Why do our patients choose laser treatments?

  • laser apicoectomy is faster and more sterile than traditional drilling
  • the procedure is more accurate and can be carried out more securely
  • the laser beam seals the edges of the wound straight away, therefore, causing less discomfort and less bleeding
  • healing of the wound is much quicker

At our surgery, we carry out general as well as more complicated oral surgery treatments including all conservative dental procedures and cosmetic dental treatments. In our team, we have more than one specialist for each field, so you can be sure that you are always in the careful, highly-qualified and relaxed hands of our internationally recognized team.


What are the steps of apicoectomy?

  • we open the gums toward the problematic root
  • we remove the inflamed tissues and root, then clean out the root area
  • we fill the cavity with a special filling material and homeopathic materials that aid healing
  • following the laser sterilization we close the gum back
  • we monitor the healing of the area for the next few weeks

The procedure aims to save the tooth by removing the inflamed areas that cause pain and disinfecting it. We ensure that the wound heals fast, so you can forget the problem and the procedure in no time.


We recommend apicoectomy if

  • cyst forms around the apex that cannot be solved by redoing the root canal filling
  • the canals cannot be cleaned properly due to the anatomy of the root and a new root filling cannot be performed
  • the previous root filling cannot be removed due to a post-core crown fitted on the tooth

We can treat infected teeth easily and fast. Our laser dental equipments and experienced dental team are always here to help you.

Ask for the help of our colleagues if you have been told you have an infected/inflamed tooth.

Following the treatment we will provide you with oral hygiene instructions and maximum support to preserve the health of your teeth and increase the wealth of your entire body.

Our laser treatments do not involve the removal of previous filling materials. During laser treatments sometimes it is necessary to use an anesthetic injection. We aim to provide calm and painless treatments to our patients. The different advantages of laser dental treatments are experienced to different extents in different stages of the treatment. We aim to provide treatments without any pain in a calm environment.


We are looking forward to seeing you at our clinic!

Ask for the help of our laser dental specialists, dentists and oral surgeons in healing your inflamed tooth. Choose our professional laser treatments! The experienced, prepared and always kind members of our team are happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention. Sign up online for a dental check-up, fast and easy! 


We first carry out a complete oral health assessment and examination for each new patient. Then, we prepare an individual, customized treatment plan with the expected costs. (Consultation, check-up and treatment plan: 11 000 HUF)