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Root canal treatment with laser

Using the conventional method for root canal treatment, there is a 4-6 percent chance that the treatment will be unsuccessful.

This is a relatively high rate. If a root canal filling is unsuccessful, then the tooth needs further treatments, which can lead to extraction and after that implantation whether you want it or not.

Thanks to the development of technology, the root-canal treatment performed with laser shows significant results.


How does the root-canal treatment happen in laser dentistry?

root canal treatment

The root-canal treatment made by Biolase Waterlase iPlus is similar to the laser cavity preparation and filling, except in this case, the laser has a longer tip that can reach the root canal and remove the pulp tissue.

The parallel rays of light can clear the canals and have a 100 percent sterilizing efficiency. It „melts” the bacteria and clears the area much more effectively than the conventional method.

The use of laser shortens the whole procedure, so that our patients have to sit less in the dental chair, and on top of it all, the amount of control appointments can be reduced due to the disinfecting effects.



Thanks to the new method, the healing process is shorter than before.

Our laser treatments can not provide the removal of the amalgam fillings, and there are cases when local anesthesia is needed. The amount of advantages of laser treatment can be different depending on the case. Our goal is to create calm surroundings where our patients’ treatments can happen without any pain.


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We first carry out a complete oral health assessment and examination for each new patient. Then, we prepare an individual, customized treatment plan with the expected costs. (Consultation, check-up and treatment plan: 11 000 HUF)