Homeopathy in dentistry

The principle of 'the similar treats the similar' is a key doctrine of homeopathy, a comprehensive and reagent-free pharmaceutical method that harnesses the self-healing capacity of the body. Homeopathy is an important part of holistic healing and it is an effective method used by the dentists of our surgery.


How does homeopathy heal?

Homeopathy uses the self-healing ability of the system. It uses the placebo effect and the healing methods of the system at the same time. Homeopathic remedies help the system to start and carry out the self-healing processes.

Homeopathic remedies produce a fake illness in the system (they carry the information of the illness only, not the actual illness) that makes the system react to it therefore healing can take place.

The homeopathic approach is that the source of illnesses is the intellectual, and spiritual conversion and the physical illness is only a response.

Therefore homeopathy moves the intellectual energy of the body by using the placebo effect to recalibrate the inner energy levels of the system. Most of the homeopathic remedies only contain pure water, alcohol or milk sugars apart from the information carrier substance, they are fully reagent free therefore they do not cause any side effects.


What are the advantages of homeopathy?

  • it uses the genetic self-healing processes coded in the system
  • it provides treatment free from side effects and reagents
  • homeopathic remedies can be used before detecting the source of the disease
  • homeopathic remedies are cheaper and cleaner than other drugs
  • the production of homeopathic remedies does not harm the environment, the person using it protects the environment as well as their system

What are the advantages of homeopathic remedies during dental treatments?

  • quicker healing after oral surgeries
  • we can get rid of side effects by using homeopathic remedies instead of other drugs
  • there are 4000 different remedies available for individualized therapies
  • complications caused by side effects can be avoided
  • homeopathic remedies can be applied straight after the presence of the illness
  • the efficiency of herbals can help a lot in preventing gum disease

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