Naturadent Guarantee

We believe that our aesthetic, high-quality solutions stand the test of time. The Naturadent dental guarantee is built on the high-quality materials and innovative equipment used by our skilled team, offering an exceptionally long validity period.


Exceptional dental guarantee with Naturadent

Quality guarantee

We use only the highest quality materials, tools and technologies for our innovative treatments. This is to ensure that you receive the best treatment that is most suitable for your needs.


Professional guarantee

Our dental team regularly attends additional professional training on new technologies. We also offer training to dentists nationwide in various aspects of laser dentistry. Our dentists spend more than 1500 hours on a yearly average attending local and international training and conferences. This is to ensure that you receive the best treatment using the most advanced technologies.


Time guarantee

  • Dental implants
    • Implant screw materials: Lifetime warranty guaranteed by manufacturer
    • Implant-supported prostheses: 2 years
    • Implant abutments: 2 years
  • Dentures, inlays, crowns
    • Dentures/dental prostheses: 2 years
    • Fillings: 2 years
    • Removable partial and full dentures: 1 years

Our dental guarantee does not cover tooth whitening, bone grafting and root canal treatment procedures, as the success rate of these treatments depends largely on the current state of the patient's teeth and the body's unique ability to regenerate.


How to activate the dental guarantee

Any dental work carried out by us that is deemed to have failed within the warranty period will be repaired, restored or replaced free of charge, if the conditions of the dental guarantee are met.


Dental guarantee conditions

Dental guarantee only applies to treatments that were previously evaluated. Treatments under guarantee are performed exclusively at the NaturaDent clinic. In order to properly activate your guarantee, first contact and consult with the Naturadent staff. If you have a complaint, please make an appointment as soon as possible for a personal visit to our clinic (address: 1056 Budapest, Váci u. 81.). The complaint must be made immediately after you detect a specific quality-related defect within the warranty period disclosed.

Treatments under guarantee are performed exclusively at the NaturaDent clinic. NaturaDent is not obliged to reimburse the fees for treatments performed in other clinics.

Our dental guarantees are valid on the condition that you regularly attend our free screening check-up every six months, follow the oral hygiene instructions recommended by our staff, and have any dental hygiene treatment recommended in your current treatment plan (such as plaque removal) carried out in our clinic. In our clinic, panoramic X-rays are done annually for every patient to help dentists to identify any invisible inflammation or other condition affecting your teeth.

In some cases, teeth that support a crown or a bridge can experience substantial trauma during preparatory phases of treatment. In these cases, root canal treatment may be necessary to repair the teeth. The Naturadent dental guarantee does not cover the root canal treatment or extraction of these teeth. (Root canal treatment is a last resort to save a tooth, before deciding to extract it.)

After the implants are placed in the mouth, check-ups are due every 6 months for the first year and every 12 months from the second year onwards to detect any problems that need to be repaired. Please note that our dental guarantee only covers procedures that were performed in our clinic from start to finish.

The dental guarantee also includes a special osseointegration condition. In case the implant becomes inflamed, does not ossify or integrate, we will redo the graft free of charge. Additionally, if your complaint concerns a successfully installed implant (e.g., it breaks), we implant an identical, new implant under warranty (costs of surgery and treatment are charged according to our current price list, e.g., removal of the broken implant, removal of the bridge, preparation and placement of the new bridge).


What will void a warranty?

Our dental guarantee is void if the patient:

  • Fails to show up to six-monthly check-ups.
  • Has dental work performed by our clinic and decides to be treated by another physician.
  • Does not follow oral hygiene instructions provided by our dentists.
  • Does not follow instructions in the maintenance phase recommended by our dentists/oral hygienists (e.g., plaque removal).
  • Does not use the dental prosthesis/prostheses as intended (this includes dropping or treating the dentures with chemicals).
  • Fails to acquire or wear the nighttime dental guard recommended by our dentists.
  • Strains or damages the porcelain veneer with a foreign object (e.g., toothpick).
  • The problem is caused by natural atrophy of the teeth/gums/jawbone.
  • Gets injured in an accident and the teeth are affected.
  • Practices martial arts.
  • Smokes, drinks excessive amounts of alcohol or takes drugs/medication or undergoes hormone therapy which causes damage to the teeth. (Our dental guarantee does not cover implants of patients who smoke.)
  • Due to lifestyle changes, the patient undergoes a significant weight change in a short amount of time.
  • Fails to settle any invoice on time.
  • Fails to mention an important fact, existing disease or active treatment that negatively affects the condition of the teeth and can influence the success of dental treatment. (These include epilepsy, osteoporosis, diabetes, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, organ transplant.)
  • Fails to ask for the dental guarantee.

Cases not covered by our dental guarantee

  • The X-ray reveals unforeseeable root canal treatment or other problems that may require additional treatments.
  • Temporary fillings, temporary implants and dentures.
  • Damage caused by abnormal functioning of the muscles around the mouth (e.g., tongue thrust habit, deep bite) due to a jaw joint lesion or abnormal functioning left untreated.
  • Atrophy of the teeth, gums and jawbones, and the consequences thereof.
  • Incurring additional costs (such as travel, accommodation, sick days).


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