Which kind of dental implant do I need?

Nowadays, implantation is a routine procedure in almost every dental practice in Hungary. There are hundreds of implant manufacturing brands and a lot of different types of implants, so as a future patient, it is quite hard to find your way in the ocean of options.


A guide to help choose between implants

Brands and types – which is the number one dental implant? Since it is a decision for life, it is important to choose right.

High-level implant dentistry is not a competition between the manufacturers, it is more likely about the right to choose the implant that fits your dental status the most.

Just like you can choose the implantologist who works trustworthily and professionally through the whole procedure from the first meeting until the end of the follow-up period.


Not all the different dental statuses need the same type of implant as a solution

In our dental practice, we work with different types of implants not only to present more possibilities for our patients, but also because we recommend each type of implant for patients with different dental statuses, so here at Naturadent, we have the chance to treat every individual problem with a fitting solution.

In general, from the aspect of the remaining bone, it is best to proceed with the implantation surgery soon after the extraction of the tooth. It is said that after extraction, the bone slowly starts its degradation and becomes very thin.

After some time, you will need bone replacement. If the extraction was not so long ago, the patient can choose from implants with stronger screws. In our dental practice, these are the Nobel Active and Alpha Bio implants.


Those future patients also should not worry about who lost their teeth years ago.


In this case on the one hand, depending on the remaining bone level we can apply professional bone-replacing technology (we have several different possibilities in this field).

And on the other, after the healing period, we use implants with softer screws so when we place it in the bone, it is less straining for it. In our dental practice, these are the Straumann and Nobel Replace implants.

Besides, the implantologist can consider other important angles, so in Naturadent we can offer you a complex treatment fitted to your special case.

After the implantation, forming the marginal gingiva is important to prevent the implant from bacteria. Moreover to reach long-term success, making an esthetic and well-functioning crown and knowing how to keep the surrounding of the implant clean are also very important things.

To sum up, the implantologist who is careful about his work and who is considering the dental status of the patient needs to calculate a lot of aspects to make implantation a life-long solution.

Here at Naturadent, we are committed to high-level dental technologies, professionalism, and friendly communication that keeps away fear. Do not hesitate to get an appointment for an implant consultation, we kindly look forward to seeing you in our dental practice!

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We first carry out a complete oral health assessment and examination for each new patient. Then, we prepare an individual, customized treatment plan with the expected costs. (Consultation, check-up and treatment plan: 11 000 HUF)