Bone grafting before implantation

Implants need a secure and stable base.

If there is no base, success will not be guaranteed no matter what implant and what technique we use. We would like your implant to stay stable and reliable for at least 50-60 years.

If there is not enough bone and the sinus is too close, we need to lift it by placing bone grafting material under the sinus. This way we will have enough space to place the implant. Sinus lift is a safe procedure that provides a secure base for your implant.


What does sinus lift mean?

During the procedure, the internal wall of the sinus towards the missing tooth is lifted and bone grafting material is placed into the cavity that is formed by lifting the sinus.

The bone grafting material is usually a mixture of your bone shavings and a bio bone grafting material. The procedure is totally painless, fast and safe. When the bone grafting material solidifies it will be as hard as natural bone and the implant can be placed in it.


What is the result of bone grafting?

  • adequate base for the adoption of the implant
  • adequate strength for a long-term tooth replacement that can last for decades
  • the sinus does not injure during the implantation
  • the implant will be stable and fixed because it will be placed in a secure, strong base

Sinus lift can be carried out even in case of multiple tooth replacements. In our climate zone, people tend to have thinner bones, therefore we carry out the procedure quite often at our clinic to perform perfect implantation.


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Ask for the help of our dentists and oral surgeons in bone grafting before implantation. The experienced, prepared and always kind members of our team are happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention.

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