The implant with the highest success rate - BTI

Biotechnology Institute: succeeded to develop an implant that has a failure rate of 1.5% in comparison to other implants, which have an average failure rate of 3-4%. Simply we can say this implant is staying in the mouth after placement.


What are the advantages of BTI Implant?

The best implant surface is coated with calcium ions and thanks to this innovation when an implant is placed in the bone, just after a few minutes blood clot formation starts around the implant. The benefit is faster osteointegration. In other words; easier, faster and more advanced bone formation and attachment on the surface of the implant. Lower risk of peri-implantitis whoever starts to read about implants, will end up finding the above-mentioned expression.

What does peri-implantitis mean?

Because of so many reasons such as: wrong implantation, bacterial infection, overloaded pressure on the implant & etc. There can be inflammation of soft and hard tissue around the implant. So to prevent this disease first step is to keep the implant in essential condition. In our clinic, we often have patients visiting us who have received implant treatment somewhere else and would like to save the implant and inflamed area around the implant. With the help of laser, we try to help our patients effectively. our goal in the procedure of implantation is to avoid the formation of peri-implantitis.

Different implant sizes for different cases

Even 1 or 2 mm difference in size means a big help for the doctor since bone quality and thickness are not the same in all patients. There are shorter or narrower implants in comparison to traditional ones which gives the possibility to avoid some preparatory surgeries such as: bone grafting, sinus lift which otherwise would be needed in case of using traditional implants.


No losing bone

The placement of BTI Implant is happening in a unique way. Thanks to biological drilling, when the surgeon is placing an implant, drilled bone is remaining and can be reused around the implant to stabilize and make faster osteointegration. In this way, there is no waste of bone.


Stable crown fixation

The successful result requires creating stable unity between the implant and the crown. The crown should not move or rotate in the mouth and it is supposed to be that comfortable so the patient can not notice the difference between their natural teeth and implanted tooth&crown. BTI implant system contains that kind of prosthetic elements that can be used to attach the crown more fixed and stable, as well as additional components for surgical and prosthetic procedures.


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