Replacing multiple missing teeth

Multiple factors can cause tooth loss. We can lose a tooth due to an accident, illness or even genetics. No matter what the causes are, a missing tooth has negative effects on our everyday lives.  We cannot enjoy our favorite dishes, we can lose our confidence, cheerfulness and natural smile.


What are the effects of tooth loss and what can you avoid by replacing them?

  • due to missing front teeth biting becomes difficult, and we will be unable to eat certain foods
  • no matter where the gap is we will smile less, we lose our confidence and cheerfulness
  • multiple missing teeth in the molar area can cause imbalanced chewing that can force the jaw joints
  • we cannot chew our food properly which can cause digestion problems
  • the gums in the gap area become vulnerable
  •  neighboring teeth can drift and move towards the gap and can only be corrected by braces
  • nodules and inflammation can form under the gums and can cause further tooth loss
  • due to the absence of force (that we normally put on the jaws while chewing) the bone starts to shrink and weaken
  • the gums will shrink and suffer irreversible damages


What options do you have for replacing multiple missing teeth?

In case of multiple gaps, we recommend metal-free ceramic or porcelain bridges. These natural, body-friendly, metal-free bridges are made individually and perfectly match the shade and shape of your natural teeth.

This is why they are unique and maximally satisfy your requirements. There is practically no difference between the bridge and your natural teeth, nobody will be able to notice it. The disadvantage of metal-free bridges is that due to the bridge shaping you have to pay more attention while cleaning, they need adequate oral hygiene, regular professional cleaning, and 3-6 monthly control.

Our dental hygienist colleagues are happy to help you in this matter. Regular, 6 monthly checkups are free for our patients The high-quality metal-free ceramic or porcelain bridges can be fitted in two ways considering the health and stability of your natural teeth, and the recommendation of your dentist and hygienist.

Our recommendations maximally consider your health, aim, comfort and security.


1) Metal-free ceramic bridge constructed for natural teeth

This option can only be applied if there are two healthy (not mobile or inflamed) teeth on both sides of the gap, so the abutments can be fitted on them. Advantages:

  • fast, can be constructed in a few weeks
  • it perfectly matches the shade and shape of the missing teeth


  • two healthy teeth are needed, otherwise, bridges cannot be applied
  • to create the abutments for the bridge we need to file two healthy teeth down
  • despite the bridge the abutment teeth can move or drift which can cause damage to the bridge as well as the natural teeth
  • foodtrap can form under the bridge causing inflammation and bad breath
  • the solution doesn't put adequate force on the jaws, the bone shrinks, and the gum recedes forming a larger gap between the bridge and the gums where food and bacteria can get stuck causing infection
  • chewing can become unsure, we need to take more attention while eating harder or chewy food
  • bridges fitted on abutment teeth can easily get injured and lose their stability

2) Metal-free porcelain or ceramic bridges on implant abutments

This is the most up-to-date, most efficient and most recommended treatment. It can be applied in areas where there is no healthy tooth on which we could fit the ceramic bridge. the implant itself provides the stable abutment on both sides of the bridge. It is more stable, more humane and problem free than bridges fitted on natural teeth.


  • there is no need to file healthy teeth down, natural teeth can stay intact for a long time
  • the prosthetics can stay stable for 40-50 years and sometimes even 70-80 years after the implantation
  • the implant puts as much force on the jaws as the natural tooth used to, therefore the bone will not shrink
  • it holds the fitted bridge maximally stable
  • the implant does not move, it lasts in its stable position in the bone for a lifetime
  • it reduces the gum area where you cannot put pressure on the jaw, therefore the bone stays healthy for a long time
  • chewing will be stable for decades, you can eat hard as well as chewy foods
  • the ceramic bridge fitted on the implant is more stable and it is proven that its lifetime is also longer


  • implantation takes more time but it only takes a maximum of 6 months
  • it there is not enough bone, bone grafting is necessary

According to our opinion and our patients' feedback bridges placed on dental implants are the most reliable and most durable solutions for replacing multiple gaps.



At our clinic, we rarely choose the option of dentures. According to our experiences, the disadvantage of dentures is that they are uncomfortable, not stable, they tend to move and food can get stuck under the palatal area.

Furthermore, most of the upper dentures cover the palate which interferes with tasting. Dentures that rest on mini implants are much more stable than normal dentures. Implant denture is a better solution and it is more comfortable.

The only disadvantage is that part of the denture rests on the gums as well not only on the implants which can cause discomfort in some cases. Implant dentures are the best and most comfortable solutions for replacing multiple gaps. Implant dentures do not have palatal extensions, therefore they do not interfere with tasting, they are easy to clean, and do not put pressure on the gums.


We only use high-quality implants

We use two types of dental implants at our clinic: Nobel and Straumann. Their quality is outstanding, they are easy to use and their lifetime is longer than other dental implants'. Metal-free ceramic bridges for implants are individually constructed by our dental technicians under the strictest quality controls.


We provide guarantee

We provide 10 years of full guarantee on implants we place. The implant itself usually comes with a lifelong guarantee from the manufacturer.

The condition of validating the guarantee is the 6 monthly free check-ups. It is also recommended to follow the instructions of our dentists and dental hygienists and the intended use of the implant.

Our extra guarantees If you lose your implant in 3 years, we place a new one free of charge or refund the money.  


We are looking forward to seeing you at our clinic!

Ask for the help of our dentists and dental surgeons in the replacement of your missing teeth. Choose our modern implant solutions so your teeth can be your reliable partners for decades.

The experienced, prepared and always kind members of our team are happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention. Check-up online! Ask your questions!


We first carry out a complete oral health assessment and examination for each new patient. Then, we prepare an individual, customized treatment plan with the expected costs. (Consultation, check-up and treatment plan: 11 000 HUF)