Fix and stabile replacement of missing teeth

Discomfort caused by missing teeth can be solved by replacing the missing tooth. Replacements can be implants or bridges.


What can cause tooth loss and what problems can we avoid if we replace them?

  • missing front teeth can affect the bite
  • we smile less, and we can lose our self-confidence
  • missing molar teeth results in chewing difficulties that can lead to digestion problems as well
  • missing back teeth leaves gums unprotected
  • teeth located next to the gaps can move toward each other or drift
  • nodules and inflammation can form under the mucosal tissue causing further tooth loss
  • due to the absence of pressure (no bite) the bone can shrink
  • gums recede and suffer irreversible damages

What are your options for tooth replacement?

If there are teeth on both sides of the missing tooth a bridge can replace the gap.


  • quick solution and can be carried out in a couple of weeks
  • it matches the shape and shade of your natural teeth
  • it is made of metal-free ceramics


  •  to create the two sides of the bridge we need to file both neighboring teeth down
  • without adequate cleaning food can trap under the bridge causing bad breath and inflammation
  • this solution does not put pressure on the gum, therefore the bone can still shrink causing the gum to recede which increases the gap
  • the lifetime of brides is much shorter than implants’
  • chewing can get uncertain, we can be too conscious of chewing when biting harder food
  • bridges can damage and lose their stability

The most stable solution is the implant, which is a screw placed into the bone that forms a secure root for the aesthetic crown.


  • there is no need to file neighboring teeth for implants
  • they last 40-50 years and often we can experience a 70-80 year lifetime as well
  • we can put as much pressure on it as we do on our own teeth, therefore the bone does not weaken
  • it replaces the gap, therefore neighboring teeth will not move or rotate
  • your gums stay healthy, they will not shrink, and gum surgery is not needed
  • chewing is secured for decades, the implant can take harder bites as well
  • the crown and superstructure placed on the implant are stronger and last longer
  • it is made of titanium that the system accepts easily, ossification starts straight after the implant is placed


  • the implant process takes longer but it never lasts for more than 6 months
  • if there is not enough bone for the screw, bone replacement is needed

We use 2 different implants: Nobel and Straumann. Their quality is outstanding, they are easy to use and their lifetime is much longer than other implants’. The crowns placed on the screw are uniquely made in Sweden and Germany along with the most strict quality assurance.



We provide guarantee

We provide 10 years of full guarantee on implants we place. The implant itself usually comes with a lifelong guarantee from the manufacturer.

The condition of validating guarantee is the 6 monthly free check-up. It is also recommended to follow the instructions of our dentists and dental hygienists and the intended use of the implant.

Extra guarantees

If you lose your implant in 3 years, we place a new one free of charge or refund the money.


We are looking forward to seeing you at our practice

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We first carry out a complete oral health assessment and examination for each new patient. Then, we prepare an individual, customized treatment plan with the expected costs. (Consultation, check-up and treatment plan: 11 000 HUF)