Dental implants, tooth replacement with implants, implant prices

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Dental implants, tooth replacement with implants, implant prices

The best solution for avoiding the negative effects of missing teeth.

What happens if the missing tooth WILL NOT GET REPLACED?

Why do we suggest IMPLANTS?

NOBEL and STRAUMANN implants


The PROCESS and STAGES of implantation

Are there any RISKS or DISADVANTAGES of dental implants?


Few FEEDBACKS from our patients

Implant PRICES

implant-before-after Loosing a tooth has more negative effects that we would initially think. Missing teeth not only affect aesthetics but can also cause functional problems both in long and short term. IT can affect our diet, self expression and can also harm the prognosis of our healthy teeth.

What to do if we loose a tooth?

  If we loose a tooth, it is recommended to replace it in order to avoid problems caused by the gap.

What happens if the missing tooth will not get replaced?

  1. the opposing tooth will move towards the gap trying to find its meeting tooth
  2. the neighbouring teeth shrink, move towards the gap, their roots elongate due to the movement and loose their stability
  3. the chewing force of teeth decreases
  4. the gums get inflammed
  5. every bite causes pain, eating becomes uncomfortable
  6. due to not chewing we cannot put force onto the jaws therefore they weaken and become thinner
  7. jaw joints can inflame
  8. muscles of the face and neck can deformate
  9. the deformation can affect the spine and through the spine the entire body
  10. there can be changes in our posture, walking and organs

If you have missing teeth you can choose from two replacement options. You can either have a bridge that is fixed on the two neighbouring teeth (the neighbouring teeth need to be filed down for the bridge), or can choose a more stabile, healthier long term option which is an implant. Having teeth replaced with implants can save the neighbouring teet as the implant does not rests on them. Our clinic applies the latest bio-compatible titanium implants. At the moment these bio implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth.  


Why do we suggest implants to replace missing teeth?

  1. in contrast bridges there is no need to file the healthy neighbouring teeth down
  2. implants can be placed at any stage of our lives
  3. having an implant placed does not cause any pain, you will have a stabile tooth in 3-6 months
  4. the titanium implant builds into the jaw bone and provides better stability than your own tooth root
  5. we can put force on the new roots therefore we use the jaws and the gum that keeps them healthy
  6. the crown placed onto the implant matches your natural teeth both in shade and shape
  7. in case of multiple missing teeth we can replace dentures
  8. your prosthetic will be stabile, maximally functioning and reliable for 50-60 years without anyone telling it is not a natural tooth


Dental implants at Naturadent with Nobel and Straumann implants

Our aesthetic and laser dental clinic prvides replacement options that can solve the problem of missing and damaged teeth for a lifetime. The tooth replacement treatments provided by us are pain free and can solve the problem of a single or multiple missing teeth as well as the loss of all teeth. Implants are individually constructed in each case and we always use th ebest quality and most reliable Swiss and Swedish implants. We provide the best quality from the most reliable source with the most care and attention possile.


Swiss dental implant – Premium quality retention, lifetime and guarantee

It is important to only use the products of the world’s leading dental implant manufacturers (Nobel Biocare – Swedish and Straumann – Swiss). Since these manufactures have been on the market for so long they are reliable and also provide years of guarantee that includes replacement in any part of the world in case there is a problem with the implant. The build in and ossification of the high-quality Straumann SLActive implants can happen in a short time. The surface of the implant is biologically tested, treated with bio materials and created in a way to be able to prived quick adoption.  


The process and stages of implantation:

First of all our implantologist specialist is more than happy to see you for a consultation. As part of the consultation will do a check up and take an OPG (panoramic x-ray). On the OPG the jaws can be seen in 2 dimensions, the position of the neighbouring teeth can be detected and other problems that need treatment can also be noticed. During the consultation the implantologist makes notes of the requests of the patients and informs them abut the stages of implantation. Following the consultation patients are free to choose the type of implant they would like to have and ask all their questions. In case the prognosis of the teeth and the gums is adequate, we take a 3D CT film that provides a 3 dimension view of the position of the bones and the teeth as well as the quality and density of the bones. Based on the CT film and considering the requests of the patients the implantologist plans the implantation – therefore both the patient both the specialist can get a full view of the process before the treatment. For having dental implants it is an essential to have the adequate level of jaw bone, so the ossification and the long term functioning of the implant is guaranteed. In case the bone level in the implantation area is not adequate, bone replacement is needed. If the bone level is adequate, we can book your implantation appointment. In our clinic during the procedure of implantation our patients also receive an ozone treatment in order to prevent the collection of bacteria. We repet the ozone treatment twice following the implantation, so the disinfected wound and gums can heal better. The ossification of dental implants takes about 3-6 months. This time is necessary for the adequate long term use. Following the ossification we construct the abutment and the crown for the implant that provide the aesthetic look of the replacement. dental-implant-elements  


Are there any risks or disadvantages of dental implants?

As we have already mentioned, implantation requires appropriate preparation. Every stage of the implantation serves the aim of minimising risks. The 3 stage laser treatment started at the implantation appointment helps preventing bacterial infections. The unalloyed titanium material of the implant does not cause any allergic rection or any other illnesses during its lifetime. The right choice of dentist, the appropriate consultation and the preparation based on the x-rays and 3D films are the essentials of the successful implantation. By paying attention to these aspects we can avoid possible complications.  


A few feedbacks from our patients:

I dont think I know a more precise and thorough dentist than Dr. Márta Fülöp Papp. She fixes everything even things that was messed up 20 years ago. I could never go to the dentist without fear until now. I siti n the waiting room relaxed as I know I am int he best hands. – Kiss Ágnes We all think about dentists with fear. Martas approach and kindness re-authenticates the picture of human attitude and helps us fight our own fears. It is her incontestable ability to raise peoples lives. I would like to say thank you to her. Vajda Péter I have visited many dentists in the past, but have never experienced such thoroughness and precision. Thank you very much for my implant! M. Dénes I had bad memories of dentists from my childhood. Smelly old man is picking my teeth. This is the base of my experiences. I was excited to siti n the dentist girls chair and it was a good experience despite of having a numb face and Marta drilling my brain. They are professional, quick and I even like their parfume. I have quite good experiences of dentists from my adulthood. Tóth Mihály I found Naturadent ont he internet. I was looking for a biological dentist who listents to her patients, discusses financial aspects and works thoroughly and precisely. I found what I was looking for: Naturadent. They are excellent professionals and wonderful people. Please dont believe what I say because than I will have more appointments to choose from! :) ;) Deák Csaba More feedbacks from our patients

  For replacing missing teeth ask for the help of our experienced dentists. The members of our experienced, prepared and caring team are always happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention.




Dr. Fülöp Papp Márta

Implant prices:


Bone grafting, sinus-lift


  • [leiras]Bone grafting, sinus elevation [/leiras][ar]693 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Bone grafting, bone dilation - 1 implant [/leiras][ar]152 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Bone grafting[/leiras][ar]from 217 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Nobel Guide computer guided implant surgery - 1 jaw (template)[/leiras][ar]780 €[/ar]

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Implant screw


  • [leiras]Nobel Biocare Active implant + surgery fee + 3 times laser biostimulation [/leiras][ar]910 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Straumann Bone Level, Bone Level Tapered, Standard Plus SLA Roxolid implant + surgery fee + 3 times laser biostimulation[/leiras][ar]953 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Nobel Biocare Replace C.C. implant + surgery fee + 3 times laser biostimulation [/leiras][ar]780 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Alpha-Bio implant + surgery fee + 3 times laser biostimulation[/leiras][ar]650 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Alpha-Bio temporary implant + surgery fee + 3 times laser biostimulation[/leiras][ar]386 €[/ar]

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Implant abutments


  • [leiras]Individual zirconium abutment [/leiras][ar]390 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Individual titanium abutment [/leiras][ar]303 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Individual gold abutment + gold price[/leiras][ar]303 €+gold price[/ar]

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Implant crowns


  • [leiras]Metal-ceramic crown for implant [/leiras][ar]338 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Pressed ceramic crown for implant [/leiras][ar]563 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Zirconium-ceramic crown for implant [/leiras][ar]607 €[/ar]

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Mini, micro implants


  • [leiras]MDI mini implant - 1 piece + laser biostimulation 3 times[/leiras][ar]386 €[/ar]
  • [leiras]Micro implant + surgery fee[/leiras][ar]152 €[/ar]

[hlink id="#bejelentkezes" linkname="More information / Sign-up" last="last"] [/tartalom] [/lenyilo] At Naturadent we are committed to the use of the latest technologies, high-quality professionalism and friendly communication.  

Book an appointment for an implant consultation, we are looking forward to seeing you at our clinic!

Ask for the help of our dentist in replacing your missing teeth. Choose the professional implantation so your teeth can be your loyal companion for decades. The experienced, prepared, caring and always kind members of our team are always happy to help you with the best of their competence, care and attention. [tabs] [fulek][ful1]Check-up online![/ful1][ful2]Ask your questions![/ful2][/fulek] [keret] [ful1_tartalom] Sign up online for a dental check-up, fast and easy! [contact-form-7 id="243" title="Book an appointment"] [/ful1_tartalom] [ful2_tartalom] [contact-form-7 id="245" title="Ask a question"] [/ful2_tartalom] [/keret] [/tabs]

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Gingivitis and periodontitis are among the most spread endemic diseases today. The most certain sign of gingivitis is the swollen, oedemic gingiva which is sensitive to touching and tend to bleed after brushing your teeth.


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  2. All-round dental examination: panoramic X-ray examination, gum and teeth examination
  3. Detailed treatment plan and offer
  4. Personalized dental counseling, necessary treatment reconciliation
  5. Results: More confident smile!

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