Scaling, removal of tartar (calculus)

The buildup of tartar is a natural process that arises from our everyday habits. Tartar, similar to limescale, forms a hard surface on the teeth that can cause inflammation, bad breath, decay, and the loss of our teeth if it is not regularly removed (every 6 months).

Which diseases can be prevented by having regular scaling?

  • gum bleeding
  • gingivitis (the inflammation of the gums)
  • periodontitis
  • damage to our healthy teeth
  • decay (caries)
  • discoloration of our teeth
  • loose teeth, tooth loss
  • halitosis (bad breath)

We would like to help you avoid these problems. It is important to brush 2-3 times a day and visit your dental hygienist every 6 months to have your regular scaling and polishing done.


How can you check if it is time to have a scale and polish?

  • Check your diary or consult with your dentist/hygienist to see when you last had a scale and polish. If it was more than 6 months ago, it is recommended to see your dental hygienist.
  • Examine your lifestyle. If you smoke, consume dairy products daily, or only brush your teeth once a day, it is probably recommended to see your hygienist more often than every 6 months.
  • Feel your teeth with your tongue on the palatal and lingual sides as well. If they feel smooth and you can feel the gaps between your teeth, then you do not have tartar. However, if they feel rough, it is time to have a scale and polish.

If you can feel tartar on your teeth, your habits may be causing tartar buildup, or if you have not seen your hygienist for more than 6 months, it is recommended to see us and ask for the help of our dental hygienists. Scaling is a short and simple treatment that can promote the health of your teeth for decades.
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We first carry out a complete oral health assessment and examination for each new patient. Then, we prepare an individual, customized treatment plan with the expected costs. (Consultation, check-up and treatment plan: 11 000 HUF)