#rubber dam isolation

Rubber dam isolation

It is a useful accessory for several kinds of treatments, for example, the removal of amalgam fillings, preparation with laser, during the process of root-canal treatments, and when we are making inlays and onlays.

What does rubber dam isolation mean?

With the help of a special rubber dam, we isolate the treated tooth or teeth from the other parts of the mouth, so we perform the treatment in completely clean, saliva- and moisture-free surroundings. Using this prevents bacteria from getting onto the prepared surface. Thus we minimize the development of secondary caries.


Why is rubber dam isolation so useful?

The high-quality filling materials are sensitive to humidity, so saliva, moisture and wet surroundings can influence and change their structure. This kind of isolation technique helps rise the life expectancy of the aesthetic fillings while keeping them from developing caries underneath.


Rubber dam isolation when removing amalgam fillings

rubber dam isolation


The removal of the amalgam fillings needs to be performed watchfully. When removing the old filling, the rubber dam has a double function: it prevents the small parts of amalgam from getting into your system, so we completely remove the toxic, mercurial metal from the tooth without causing any danger to the body.

At the same time, we keep the tooth from developing caries next to or under the new filling.


Can rubber dam isolation cause pain?

Setting and positioning the rubber dam happens under local anesthesia, which can cause a little feeling of pressure. The rubber dam is tied to the tooth with a special clamp, which can cause a little pressure when the anesthesia is over, but it is not painful at all even with tight interdental spaces.


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