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Gum removal, gum correction with laser

There are situations, when the gingiva grows onto the tooth, wrapping some parts of it, and there are some cases when it withdraws, causing gum recession.

Both cases can lead to not only serious aesthetic problems but also further discomfort, even pain, and several tooth problems.

The good news is that both problems can be solved by the use of lasers in oral surgical treatments. When the gum grows onto the surface of the tooth, the two different tissue covers each other. Between them, inflammation can easily mature causing short- and long-term uncomfortable gum problems.

Conventionally the removal of the inflamed, redundant parts of the gum was done by scalpel, which lead to long and painful healing of the tissue.


Quicker healing procession, treatment without pain

Since we use the Biolase products for the correction of the gum, our patients’ healing has speeded up, and the surgical intervention is almost insensible.

In many cases, there is no need to use the injection form of local anesthesia, the procedure is almost fully pain-free. The area of the intervention sinks without a trace in a few days.

The result is a much more beautiful, spectacular, healthy and harmonic smile:

Laser Dentistry Budapest

In contrast with the conventional method when the scalpel is used, the laser provides a much faster, more precise, and pain-free procedure where there is less bleeding and faster healing.

Being a member of Naturadent Aesthetic and Laser Dentistry’s team, our goal is to preserve the health of our patient’s teeth with the best techniques and to provide them with high-quality service at affordable prices.
The Biolase Waterlase iPlus has the advantage to make gum correction much easier during the deeper cavity preparations and fillings.
Our laser treatments can not provide the removal of the amalgam fillings, and there are cases when local anesthesia is needed. The amount of advantages of laser treatment can be different depending on the case. Our goal is to create calm surroundings where our patients’ treatments can happen without any pain.

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