Dental care for your children

Even the littlest ones require attention and care to ensure their happiness and well-being. Pediatric dentistry is one of our key services, as we believe that this is the age when children can develop positive and supportive experiences at the dentist. 

Our goal is to provide them with positive and painless experiences, laying the foundation for a lifetime of oral health. We understand that no parent wants their child to endure painful dental treatments in adulthood. Health education and complex, professional, painless dental treatments are very important at this age.


Why is pediatric dentistry different at our surgery?

We approach children with patience and playfulness, aiming to gain their trust and alleviate any fears they may have. Sometimes, children come to us with negative experiences from previous dental visits. In such cases, we take the time to restore their enthusiasm.

If needed we just have a chat with them and play without doing any treatment (even if it takes 1-2 visits) and when they are ready and agree we start the treatment. They always need to agree that we can have a look at their teeth and treat them otherwise they will not trust us.


We understand the world of children

We were all children once, and many of us are now parents ourselves. We know what it feels like to be scared, and we have learned from our own experiences. Armed with the best knowledge and modern equipment, we strive to improve kids' dental care.


What treatments can kids receive at our clinic?

  • comprehensive check-ups and oral hygiene instructions
  • decay (caries) removal from deciduous and permanent teeth
  • painless filling and root canal treatment using laser dental techniques
  • simple and extended fissure sealing
  • teething pain relief through homeopathic methods and remedies
  • treatment for dental traumas, such as tooth fractures or damage

Our team, always wearing a smile, remains patient, calm, and playful, creating a loving and nurturing environment for our young patients. Parents are welcome to accompany their children during treatments. And for the brave ones, we have a special treat: a balloon, made from rubber gloves.


When should children visit the dentist for the first time?

The eruption of baby teeth typically completes by the age of 2. It is recommended to bring little ones to the dentist at this stage. During these initial visits, there are no treatments involved. Instead, it's an opportunity for children to become familiar with the dental environment and the dentist. 

The dentist has a look at the teeth, checks if there is eruption irregularity, and gives oral hygiene instructions to the parents. Parents are also advised about dental problems that can affect kids, for example caries. The most important oral hygiene instructions also get demonstrated to the parents and if it is needed, our dental hygienists can spend time separately to teach everything.


How often do we need to take children to the dentist?

It is recommended to schedule dental visits for children every six months. Both baby teeth and permanent teeth can decay relatively quickly.

Once decay begins, prompt treatment is necessary to prevent toothaches. Thanks to our modern laser dental equipment, we can remove decay without causing any pain, and in most cases, without the need for injections.

Imagine a friendly and playful dental filling experience, free from tears.


We are looking forward to seeing you at our surgery!

Don't hesitate to seek assistance from our experienced, caring, and always-smiling team. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care and attention to you and your children.
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We first carry out a complete oral health assessment and examination for each new patient. Then, we prepare an individual, customized treatment plan with the expected costs. (Consultation, check-up and treatment plan: 11 000 HUF)