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10 important things to keep your teeth

Do you hear the warning, that periodontal disease is endemic, and can be transmitted to your children? What can you do, when the gum bleeding, recession, and periodontal disease have fully evolved?


What is important to know about this fearful problem, that can lead to moving, then falling out of your teeth, painful chewing, and in the end, hiding your smile?

Read the 10 important things below to get information about the symptoms and their treatment!

  1. Periodontal diseases are caused by pathogen bacteria that stick to the tooth surface and damage the tooth material and gum. These bacteria can fastly reproduce themselves due to the negligence of oral hygiene and some other circumstances like smoking and inherited factors. In worse cases, the bacteria can spread to other parts of your body causing organic problems, lung diseases, premature birth, and even heart attack.perio_caries_animated
  2. There are several types of pathogen bacteria that can cause periodontal problems. To define what kind of bacteria in which amount can be found in your mouth, precise dentists take microbiological samples and send them for a thorough examination.
  3. Previously, the common view was to prescribe antibiotics to kill the bacteria. But these medications can put pressure on your whole body, causing unwanted side effects like upsetting the intestinal flora, indigestion, and allergic symptoms.
  4. In neglected cases, cleaning the cervical and apical parts of teeth that are hidden by gingiva, needs surgical intervention which is an effective, but fearful type of therapy.
  5. Researches can prove that laser dentistry, combined therapy of mechanical cleaning, and applying laser dentistry can avoid surgery. This kind of treatment can be promising for younger and older generations as well.
  6. With laser therapy, pathogen bacteria, and the infected tissue can be easily removed at the same time.
  7. Hungary's leading laser dentistry, Naturadent can help you cure your periodontal disease by applying combined laser therapy. With this method, we can avoid the fearful surgical curettage. This treatment protocol is searched for and introduced by German researchers.
  8. Dr. DMD Márta Fülöp Papp, the leading dentist of Naturadent, laser specialist, is the first dentist in Hungary, who is attending MSC training. She presents her research results and clinical experiences regularly to the most respected professors and those who are interested in this area of dentistry. She teaches the enquirers how to use the laser in theory, and practice.
  9. Dentists working in Naturadent laser and aesthetic dentistry are well-trained and self-confident in the area of applying lasers.
  10. The most important information: however periodontal diseases can lead to unwanted further consequences, with combined laser therapy, it can be treated effectively without any discomfort.

10+1. Treating periodontal diseases is a long process, which needs more than one visit to the dental practice. To achieve our common goal in a professional atmosphere, it is important to have a partnership with the patient, who is a stayer and does not give up.

Do you want to preserve the health of your teeth even if you are suffering from periodontal and gum diseases?

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