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Home tooth whitening

Home bleaching is mainly recommended for patients who had LED whitening before and would like to maintain the whiteness of their teeth without having whitening treatments at the dental surgery.


What is the process of home bleaching?

Home bleaching means whitening with a custom-made splint and whitening gel. The splint is constructed based on an impression taken of the patient's arches therefore it fits perfectly. Wearing the splint does not cause any discomfort.

The splint comes with a tube of bleaching gel that helps to whiten your teeth. Home bleaching is comfortable, can be done during reading, or watching TV at home, and also saves you money as well as time.


Why is it recommended to bleach at home after professional surgery whitening?

Home bleaching is not recommended straight after LED or laser whitening, it is recommended 6-12 months later. During this time teeth can discolor again due to drinks and food staining them. If you are a smoker or drink a lot of red wine, tea or coffee you will probably need less than 6-12 months to start home bleaching as the teeth will discolor faster.

Home bleaching helps you to preserve the whiteness of your teeth for as long as possible without having another professional surgery whitening. 


Which home bleach do we recommend?

Our surgery recommends the Opalescence system. After years of research and tests, we can surely say that the only home bleaching system that our dentist can recommend is Opalescence. The main agent of Opalescence is peroxide carmabid which has been used by millions of patients worldwide who are now happy with their bright white teeth.


What is the process of home bleaching?

  • patient has already had a LED light or laser professional surgery whitening
  • we take an impression of your arches
  • based on the impression we construct your special bleaching trays tailored to your teeth
  • our dental hygienist teaches you the use of your bleaching trays: the amount of gel you need to use, the time you need to leave the trays on, etc.
  • you take your trays home and start to use them while watching TV, reading, studying, etc.
  • the special whitening gel starts to work: the oxygen arises during the degradation of peroxide carbamide penetrates the enamel and dentine and whitens the discolored areas
  • you can remove the tray after 15-20 minutes after
  • to achieve the best results it is recommended to repeat this process once a day for 3 days

Sensitivity to hot and cold can rarely occur and it is only a temporary state, it stops a couple of days after home bleaching. The safety of tooth whitening carried out with professional (dentist or dental hygienist) supervision is proved by years of clinical experience.


What do you need to do to preserve the whiteness of your teeth at home?

Choose our LED light or laser whitening and ask for the help of our dental hygienists following the whitening treatments. Our team's experienced, prepared and always kind members are happy to help you and your little ones with the best of their competence, care and attention.


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