Quality materials + modern procedures = stable, natural, sophisticated teeth

We will spare no effort to restore your smile to its best, most healthy state. Our porcelain crowns are made using an innovative process of high-pressure compression and uniquely high-quality materials, resulting in uncompromising, almost titanium hardness. Pressed ceramics demonstrate behavior similar to natural teeth when interacting with light, yet they are stronger than tooth enamel. 

Crowns made of pressed ceramic materials are durable and fit precisely on the prepared tooth, while the natural color of the teeth can be perfectly reproduced. This is one of the reasons why patients opt for pressed ceramic crowns where front teeth are concerned. Our friendly practice uses ceramic crowns that are fully porcelain-based and do not contain metal. This, combined with binding agents that match the original tooth shade, provides superior aesthetics.

Do you have a metal allergy? Is there insufficient tooth structure? Are you experiencing discolorations? Don’t let these stop you.

One of the main benefits of pressed ceramic crowns is that they’re metal-free. Consequently, these crowns are antiallergenic and biocompatible, causing no harmful side effects to the body. Using pressed ceramic crowns in dental implants is painless and it minimizes the risk of damaging the dental pulp. 

With this aesthetic procedure, we will need to remove significantly less tooth material for successful treatment compared to traditional crown preparation (0.7-1 mm). In case of light discoloration and/or previous root canal treatment, porcelain crowns can cover the discolored tooth. In case of severe discoloration, we whiten the affected tooth before placing the crown on it.


Thorough planning for perfect, long-lasting results

Visit our clinic where our experts provide pressed ceramic crown placement with great care.

  • The procedure begins with a comprehensive dental check-up which consists of thorough examination of the oral cavity, gums, and teeth, identifying existing lesions. This examination will be the basis for a detailed, personalized dental plan that we provide in written format.
  • We will treat bite problems (malocclusions) to protect your teeth and future crowns.
  • We prepare the affected tooth under general anesthesia. After we remove decayed parts, if any, we construct the tooth stump. In the case of root canal-treated teeth, it may be necessary to place an additional supporting pin anchored in the tooth that matches the original shade of the tooth.
  • An impression of the prepared tooth, which will serve as the basis for the permanent crown, is then taken by an experienced technician.
  • We fit you with a temporary crown made either in our clinic or in a dental laboratory to protect your teeth for the time being.
  • When the pressed ceramic crown is ready, we fit the permanent crown in place which should match the natural color of your teeth
  • Before fitting the crown, we treat the gums with laser to create a sterile surface that is free from bacteria and saliva. In the case of root canal-treated teeth, we clean the pulp cavity by removing any bacteria from it to minimize the chances of decay developing under the crown.
  • Once the pressed ceramic crown feels comfortable and fits your needs (both aesthetically and functionally), our dentist will cement the crown to your tooth, making it permanent.

By following the dental care routine recommended by our experts and maintaining the right bite, your aesthetic pressed ceramic crown can grant you many carefree decades.

We look forward to welcoming you to our comfortable clinic in the heart of Budapest.

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We first carry out a complete oral health assessment and examination for each new patient. Then, we prepare an individual, customized treatment plan with the expected costs. (Consultation, check-up and treatment plan: 15 000 HUF)