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VIP cosmetic dental programs

VIP Cosmetic dental programs for those who aim for the long-term, sustainable success

Currently we have 2 different VIP Cosmetic dental programs available.

White teeth for a lifetime

According to researches people with healthy and white teeth look 7.4 years younger, they are more successful and they have more chance (23% more than others) to find a new job or partner or to achieve success in entrepreneurship. Having whit teeth is just a matter of a proessional surgery whitening but preserving the whiteness of your teeth is not as easy. We can help you in this matter too. > more

Maternity dental care

Maternity dental care and treatment requires special competence and attention, because we have to look after the baby's health as well. > more

Dazzling smile on "the big day"

It is said that 99% of women start to plan their wedding in their childhood. They want everything to be perfect, everything to be in the right place and be beautiful. Organizing a wedding is a huge task and responsibility. Our program supports couples who woud like to have a beautiful smile on the big day and would like to maintain it for a lifetime. The "Dazzling smile on the big day" programe can also be given as a gift by parents or friends. >more More dental packages at our prices Please choose from our VIP programs, click and find out more. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our colleauges are happy to help you.  [tabs] [fulek][ful1]Check-up online![/ful1][ful2]Ask your questions![/ful2][/fulek] [keret] [ful1_tartalom] Sign up online for a dental check-up, fast and easy! [contact-form-7 id="243" title="Book an appointment"] [/ful1_tartalom] [ful2_tartalom] [contact-form-7 id="245" title="Ask a question"] [/ful2_tartalom] [/keret] [/tabs]

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How does a dental check up goes?

  1. Book online or on phone
  2. All-round dental examination: panoramic X-ray examination, gum and teeth examination
  3. Detailed treatment plan and offer
  4. Personalized dental counseling, necessary treatment reconciliation
  5. Results: More confident smile!

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